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Justin C

One visit with Peter Jones equals immediate relief. I made a visit for shoulder problems and not only was he able to pinpoint my source of discomfort, but release the tension. I play sports for a profession and have had trouble throwing for months and I saw many doctors and physical therapists but none could solve my shoulder problem.
Peter was the only one to locate and not only massage it out but strengthened it in the most unique and beneficial way imaginable. Visiting Peter Jones was the best career decision I have ever made.

Alla G

Peter is the most AMAZING practitioner anybody could imagine! We recently moved to Florida, and in addition to the moving pain and stress, I had a serious health scare a few months prior. I don't know what I would do if I didn't meet Peter. His deep knowledge, his talent, his magical hands and techniques really brought me back to life. My whole family received incredible help from Peter. My Mom had a spinal injury, practically couldn't walk, and thanks to Peter, his determination, and dedication, she was able to get back to her active self without surgery. Peter doesn't just treat the symptoms, he is getting to the root of the problems and does everything to resolve it. Unlike most of the practitioners who give you a temporary relief that lasts until the next visit, and make you become a forever patient/client, Peter is HEALING your problems, he works on your whole system, balances it, teaches you, and makes sure you do get better for a long term! I have seen great practitioners in this field, but nobody comes even close to Peter! I recommend him to all my friends, and I am forever grateful to the lucky day he came into our lives!!!

Lori D

I am a Registered Nurse by trade and have sought out every type of treatment possible for chronic back and neck pain as well as radiculopathy, myelopathy, and chronic headaches related to a motor vehicle accident in 2007. Since the first day I met with Peter, my pain and overall outlook of life has improved, He is a wonderful healer both mentally and physically. He has a gentle touch and takes an extensive History so that he can provide you with the most therapeutic approach. I am so excited to have finally found him. Life has a better outlook when your pain is better and that is all Thanks to Peter. You are wonderful !!!!!!!!!

Becky B

He is AWESOME. I am under an extreme amount of stress which is taking its toll on my body. Over the past year, I have scheduled appointments with Chiropractors and various massage therapists. While these visits gave me relief, it was always very short lived with the pain coming back as soon as an hour. Peter sits down with me at every visit and just talks. He not only listens to what I have to say but reads my body language picking up on the subtleties that even I am unaware. Honestly, he cares about your well being. He treats your body, mind and soul. After my first session, I slept for the first time in over a year...It is a process... Of coarse sometimes, you just need or just want a traditional massage.....and that's OK too.....Visiting spas and finding a therapist that gives you what you need is almost impossible and then once you find "ONE".....they disappear never to be seen again and you have to start the process again. You'll never have to search again for someone because he is the proprietor. I've done the deep tissue massage once too and it was the best session I ever had. I will continue to visit Peter even when stress levels improve and the pain leaves. Right now it is the best 2 hours of the week.

Nicole B

I suffer from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, adult ADHD, and anxiety disorder. I find Peter's specialized training in somatic integration to be the most helpful for alleviating my pain and anxiety. He taught me things that I can do on my own to help during periods of extreme pain and stress. He is the best practitioner for helping me with all my symptoms and I highly recommend him!

Sue J

Peter is probably the best massage therapist I have ever have ever encountered. He is experienced, knowledgeable and just amazing. He also knows his stuff about Physiology and Acupuncture and provides other therapies as well. I treated myself to a 90 minute massage, and loved every minute. Left feeling like butter! :)

Christine C

I have been suffering for years with pain - since going to Peter beginning about 6 months ago I have been virtually pain free. I highly recommend trying a session or two - and you'll want to keep going back to him!

Debra G

One of the best massages in over 25 years of receiving massage. Knowledgeable, intuitive healer who provides education and effective treatment.

Jo W
Peter Jones has been such a huge help for my body. I am a 90 year old woman who could really use a new skeleton. Fortunately, Peter has used his knowledge for the betterment of the one I have.  My sleeping had been disturbed for some time with episodes of feeling as though I was "wired", a very unpleasant sensation that leads to more insomnia. That has stopped completely since I first saw Peter two months ago. 
He has also helped with shoulder pain and with a foot problem so my walking is more erect.  In addition to all of that, he is a very nice person.

James C
During my time as a professional bodybuilder I've seen many specialists to deal with injuries, nerve imbalances and health issues. Of these specialists I have benefited from Peters treatment the most by far. I highly recommend Peter

Christine P
Five years ago I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder and PTSD. I had wonderful doctors who tried every type of medication to help me get my life back. I had terrible side effects from all of them. I was feeling hopeless, lost, and alone.

Friends introduced me to Peter Jones Acupuncture Physician. He was very professional, educated and patient. He seemed more like a doctor. I was so impressed with his technique that I did research on him (I'm a Fla. licensed Investigator) and saw his advanced study internationally for acupuncture, somatic integration, Chinese herbs, and so much more.

I have been having acupuncture/somatic integration/Chinese herbs for 6 months with Peter. He patiently explains everything. He is my personal hero. I am 90% back to being myself. I am drug free😊 I highly recommend anyone suffering with anxiety, depression or PTSD to please see Peter.

Ally F
Peter is an intuitive therapist with magical techniques. He assesses the root of the problem, and he works hard to find every problem area is satisfied. Just take a deep breath, relax, and let him work his magic. You won't be disappointed, and you will leave feeling floaty and whimsical. Enjoy his work, and treat yourself!

Diana T
I have been given diagnosis of Idiopathic Short Nerve Fiber Neuropathy, which means the Neurologist doesn't know why I have severe itching, or burning, biting, stabbing pains in my entire body or why I have numbness in my hands, fingers, feet, and legs, which causes loss of balance and difficulty walking. I was constantly in pain, even during sleep.

I joined a massage club and was getting massages weekly or bi-weekly to try and get relief from the pain and/or regain feeling in my extremities. One week, when I couldn't get scheduled, I desperately called other facilities and 'found' Peter. His massage and touch wasn't 'traditional', at least what I was used to, but two weeks passed and I realized that I had less pain and I actually had relief for the first time in years.

I've now been seeing Peter once a week for the past 4 1/2 months, and I can say that I've got my life back. I sure don't need the handicapped parking placard, I can go out and swing dance for hours, and I have hope for a pain free life. Peter combines his advanced experience and understanding of the body with his hours of training in Somatic Experiencing, The Feldenkrais Method, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a great teacher - I ask a lot of questions - and is helping me to learn how to keep my body pain free.

PS, I've had two neck surgeries, but by the time Peter is done with my neck, I swear it can rotate 360 degrees! ;-)

Robert E

Pete’s an amazing guy and I recommend him to everyone I know.
I’ve been dealing with back, neck and knee issues, insomnia and stress for years. I started seeing him a few months ago and am finally getting my life back. 
I can actually dance with my wife again.
What he does is surprisingly gentle and just seems to help my body work like it’s supposed to.

Miguel C

Every bodywork session requires a level of trust, relaxation and open-mindedness. Peter makes achieving these so effortless which makes it easy to focus on healing and feeling better. He did a great job explaining my symptoms and the source of my symptoms which made understanding my pain easier. Thanks Peter, look forward to working with you again! ​

Vannessa M

The best massage of my life! I have been getting massages from Peter for about a year now, I HIGHLY recommend Peter for anyone who wants or needs a massage.. I'm a fitness instructor and I workout daily so I get messages very regularly..if Peter in not available I will wait until he is available! You will not be disappointed!!!