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I will be adding articles and commentary over time.

Why some people can't handle their weed - Published May 15th, 2017

Teen dies from caffeine overdose - Published May 15th, 2017

NSAID painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack  - Published May 10th, 2017

New drugs found to cause side effects years after approval - Published May 10th, 2017

Consumer Reports article on non-medical approaches to back pain - Published May 7th, 2017

Article about the Greek island of Ikaria, whose inhabitants regularly live past 100 years of age

Article about the fascinating results of a longevity study conducted in 1981

Article that attempts to debunk Craniosacral therapy

Fashion model who died after chiropractic adjustment

The ugly side of chiropractic

Research paper explores role of self-awareness on body-objectification

Therapeutic Touch and notion of energy debunked by 11 year old girl